Silence of the tides • Jeffrey van Houten
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Silence of the tides

Silence of the Tides is a film that breathes in and out with the tides of the International World Heritage Site, one of the largest contiguous wetlands in the world, as it explores the fragile relationship between humans and nature. A hypnotic look at the cycles and contrasts of the seasons: life and death, storm and stillness, the masses and the individual. A poetic contemplation without voice-overs or interviews against an overwhelming backdrop of sky, water, clouds, wind, fog and constantly changing light.


Silence of the Tides is a film that breathes. The Wadden as one big, living, breathing organism. Breathing vital to the unique qualities of the Wadden Sea. For flora, fauna and for humans. A film that makes the awareness of oxygen almost tangible.


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Gouden kalf nomination for ‘Best Long Documentary’ (2021)
Gouden kalf nomination for ‘Best Sound Design’ (2021)
Crystal Film (10,000 visitors documentary) (2021)


Annemiek van der Hell

Windmill Film


Pieter-Rim de Kroon

Executive production

Reinette van der Stadt

Elize Kerseboom

Kees Colenbrander

Camera Assistant

Jeffrey van Houten

Amrit Kalsa

Hans den Hartog


Erik van den Heuvel


Post production

Job te Veldhuis

DOP and Camera

Dick Harrewijn

Wildlife unit

Marc Plomp

Jeffrey van Houten


Underwater team

Klaudie Bartelink

Peter van Rodijnen


Victor Dekker


Sound design

Danny van Spreuwel

Henk Meeuwsen


Cinema delicacies

Windmill film distributioin

Special thanks to

Lots of people.

Both in the field and in the office.

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