Ruimteschip Aarde • Jeffrey van Houten
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Ruimteschip Aarde

In KRO-NCRV’s new documentary series Ruimteschip Aarde, you get a different view of the world, and of the Netherlands, together with André Kuipers. From space, André, naturalists and stunning nature images take you on a magical journey of discovery. And experience how beautiful but also fragile our planet is. Ruimteschip Aarde can be seen weekly on KRO-NCRV on NPO 1 and NPO Start at 8:30 p.m. starting Wednesday, Feb. 22.

Astronaut André Kuipers is well known on Dutch television. On the contrary, he has already made several programs about his space travels, science and climate change, and Lips has already caught himself yawning when Kuipers once again joined a talk show as an expert, just as Dutch television suffers from an Erik Scherder overdose.

But then the first episode appeared. That frist one was about the impact of the light that descends upon us from the stars, and especially about the shadow sides of the light bombardment that humanity itself unleashes on nature. The Netherlands, with many cities and horticultural greenhouses, is one of the places that lights up the brightest, Kuipers was able to see this by hemself.

It came highly recommended, this cleverly crafted series. Thanks to the stunning visuals and endless arsenal of facts, glowingly told by many more naturalists than Kuipers alone.


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Teddy Cherim

Basha de Bruijn

Safi Graauw

Executive production

Lea Fels

Francine van der Lee

Camera Assistant

Maxime Brun

Lars Postma

Special thanks to

Lots of people.

Both in the field and in the office.

Camera operator

Thomas van Krugten

Boas van Milligen Bielke

Lola Mooij

Wildlife unit

Jeffrey van Houten

Jarno van Bussel


Inèz Poortinga


Simone de Vries


Gijs Domen

Raoul Pouma

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