Onze Natuur • Jeffrey van Houten
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Onze Natuur

The Movie

Onze Natuur, the movie is an ambitious nature documentary about nature in our backyard. Wonderful stories about known and unknown animals and plants that inspire wonder and increase love and respect for our nature, told by Matteo Simoni. This is the story of the victors, the opportunists, the screw-ups, the fighters, the smart ones, the bosses. But also that of the losers, the species we may not encounter in a few years … Survival of the fittest, in its most brutal and fascinating form, in a country where at first glance there seems to be no room for that wild nature.

7-part TV series on Canvas and VRT Max

After overwhelming success in theaters, “Onze Natuur” is now coming to your living room! Starting Wednesday, January 18 at 9:20 p.m., watch this highly anticipated series for seven weeks on Canvas and VRT MAX. In seven impressive episodes, Onze Natuurshows just how amazingly wild and surprisingly close our Belgian nature really is. Actor, presenter and master storyteller Wim Opbrouck is the voice of the television series. Water, earth, air, fire, wood and stone. Those six elements in nature are the leading themes throughout the series. In each case, they form the starting point for a 48-minute episode. In the seventh and final installment, scientists, filmmakers and nature experts bring additional interpretation to the role we as humans may or may not play in our nature.


Source : www.onzenatuur.nl


Ensors for Best Documentary (Film)

250,000+ visitors at the Cinema

Production House

Hotel Hungaria

Nico van de Velde

Directed Series

Joseph Deville

Pablo Eekman

Executive production

Line Leeters

Laura de Kort

Camera operator

Tommy Vuylsteke

Jeffrey van Houten

Daniel Wiersma

Mees Swinkels

Previous director

Serge Leurs

Special thanks to

Lots of people.

Both in the field and in the office.

Directors Film

Dick Harrewijn (DOP)

Pim Niesten (DOP)

Maria van Lente


Dirk Brossé

Final editing

Joost Tack


Pablo Eekman and Joseph Deville

Hellen Delacheaux

Daniel Wiersma

Camera assistant / 2nd unit

Jeffrey van Houten

Mees Swinkels



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